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All of the currently available documentation on the PTC Model III, including Product Overview (which includes pricing and ordering information), Users Manuals, and Application Notes can be downloaded from this page. This page has now been updated to include magazine reviews from Model Railroading, Model Railroader, and the Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette.

To view and print New York Railway Supply documents, you will need to have a copy of Adobe's PDF Document Reader. If you don't have one already, you can download it for free by clicking on the link below and following Adobe's instructions. The reader will be automatically downloaded and configured for your machine. For the magazine reviews, when you click on the link for the review you want, the file that will be downloaded will be self-viewable (you will not need Adobe reader to read this files).

Note that some of these files are a bit large (especially the User Manuals) because there are quite a few image files embedded in them.

All of the reviews included here are reprinted and made available with the permission of the respective publishers, and are intended for the non-commercial use of New York Railway Supply customers and prospects. They may not be reused in any form without the expressed written permission of the orignial publishers.

PTC III Overview:

PTC Overview  06/04/2017  PTC 4 Product Overview, Options and Specs (580kb)

Order Form Use this form for organizing your order.

   PTC 4  User Manual - 3/17/2023

 Motor Mount Manual     02/26/2009  User's Manual for Optional Motor Mount Kit (260kb)

 Motor Mount Drawing    02/26/1999  Motor Mounting Dimensions (260kb)

 Shaft Brake Installation   07/10/2007  Shaft Brake Installation (425kb)

 APR2 Connection Diagram   02/2/2020  APR2 Connection Diagram



Discontinued Product User Manuals:

 Rotary User Manual        	04/12/2009  User's Manual for Rotary Track Selector Models (436kb)
 Pushbutton User Manual 	04/12/2009  User's Manual for Pushbutton Track Selector Models (807kb)
 Keypad User Manual	02/22/2015  User's Manual for Keypad Track Selector Models (368kb)

 Automatic Power Router Installation   (1.4M)
Application Notes:
 App1 Diam Scale Conversion   04/12/2000  App. Note #1: Diamond Scale Rotary Switch Conversion (328kb)
 App2 Walthers Conversion      04/12/2000  App. Note #2: Conversion of Walthers 95' HO Turntable (367kb)
 App3 Chubb Interfacing       04/12/2000  App. Note #3: Chubb Computer Control of the PTC Model III (131kb)
 App4 Walthers Cornerstone Conversion       App. Note #4: Conversion of Walthers Cornerstone HO Turntable (369kb)
Magazine Reviews:
 MRG_Sep00.pdf	    11/05/2001  Model Railroading, Sep '00, by Doug Geiger. 4 pages, many photos (4.0 M)
 MR_Dec96.pdf		11/05/2001  Model Railroader, Dec. '96, by Andy Sperandeo. 2-1/2 pages (2.3Mb)
 NGSLG_Sep96.pdf	11/05/2001  Narrow Gauge Gazette, Sep. '96, by editor Bob Brown.  1/2 page (1.5Mb)          
PBL        PBL -Foreground Sound System Manual