A Turntable Indexer That Works

Get rid of your turntable motor and install a PTC4 for indexing that works. Our indexing system is used all over the world with many very happy customers.

Now available
APR 2 - powers track that bridge is pointing to. Prevent accidents.




This is the complete unit, each side of the one board. Motor connects directly to this board and all electronics are here. Mounts in the same exact spot as the old keypad for the PTC3.

Notes on the PTC 4. Direct replacement for our previous systems. You can use your old stepper motor and just plug this in to your existing motor.  We no longer carry the other track selectors. (pushbutton and rotary).


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Big news for Keypad Users - Track editing and track re-direction - see news page!

My Sn3 layout is gone but you can look at it here.

Thank you for your interest in the most advanced, reliable, and realistic turntable indexing system available today: the PTC Model III Programmable Turntable Indexing System from New York Railway Supply, Inc.

We've tried to include most of the essentials about the PTC Model III for your review. As always, feel welcome to contact us by phone or email with any comments or questions you may have about our system. Your feedback is valuable and appreciated.

PTC Overview PTC III Product Overview, Options and Specs (580kb)


"It's a clearly superior way to control a turntable in any model railroad scale"
- Editor Andy Sperandeo, Model Railroader Magazine , December 1996.